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Fondle Team

Gina Lamanna, Founder/President

Gina Lamanna, a resilient force born on the East Coast and now calling Los Angeles home, embodies strength, grace, and determination. As a mother of two daughters, she navigates the complexities of parenthood with unwavering love and commitment, co-parenting harmoniously with her ex-husband.

Gina's journey took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 41. Despite facing this daunting challenge, she confronted it head-on with courage and tenacity. Following two false-negative mammograms and a misdiagnosis, Gina relied on her intuition and self-awareness to detect the cancer through self-examination. This pivotal moment inspired her to channel her experience into a mission of empowerment and advocacy, leading to the creation of The Fondle Project.

With a background in fashion styling and entrepreneurship, Gina saw an opportunity to merge her passion for fashion with her desire to make a difference in the lives of fellow breast cancer survivors. She believes that fashion can serve as a powerful tool in the healing process, allowing survivors to reclaim their confidence, femininity, and sexuality.

Through The Fondle Project, Gina aims to raise awareness about the importance of early detection through regular self-exams and self-advocacy. Her mission extends beyond awareness to empowerment, encouraging women of all ages to cultivate a deep connection with their bodies and prioritize their health.

Gina has fostered a vibrant community of women who refuse to let cancer define them. They are not merely surviving; they are thriving, living life to the fullest, and embracing their journeys with resilience and optimism. Gina understands that cancer leaves an indelible mark, but she also believes in the power of resilience and the capacity to shape one's own narrative.

In her downtime, Gina believes in self-care and finds joy in dancing, exploring the outdoors, cooking, travel and building community connections. Her unwavering spirit and commitment to empowering others serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration to all who encounter her story.

Lauren Burchett, Treasurer

Lauren Burchett is a dynamic and accomplished sales executive in the media and technology industries, boasting a significant track record of delivering exceptional outcomes throughout her extensive career. With over 20 years of experience working for and with Fortune 100 companies such as Disney and Google, Lauren’s expertise lies in comprehending clients’ motivations and the essence behind their goals, enabling her to identify and leverage the optimal tools for achieving desired business outcomes.

A proud alumna of Scripps College, The Women’s College of Claremont, where she earned a B.A. in Media Studies, Lauren embodies a longstanding focus and dedication to gender equality, specifically related to women's health and well-being.

A fervent advocate for diversity, inclusion, and gender-related issues, Lauren has been instrumental in advocating for enhancements in health and family planning benefits, such as benefits for Cryopreservation and increased family-bonding time. Additionally, she is actively involved in championing the acceleration, retention, and upskilling of women's and diverse talent within corporate America.

Lauren seamlessly aligns her experiences with evangelizing and connecting brands to consumers. Her goal is to champion and promote breast cancer awareness, empowerment, and positive body image for women of all backgrounds, showcasing her unwavering commitment to impactful causes and The Fondle Project's mission.

Leslie Bell Levy, Secretary

Leslie Bell Levy is a Los Angeles native. She studied literature at UC Berkeley(go bears!)  before moving to NY to work in  advertising. LA eventually pulled her heart home, and she began a career in the non profit sector, becoming the Grants Coordinator for the George Hoag Family Foundation. There she identified and partnered with organizations in their mission to make a positive difference in the community , improving social conditions and promoting human welfare.  It’s been a blessing and inspiration to see Gina’s vision for The Fondle Project come so exquisitely to life. Touched by the mission to empower women in their survivorship, Leslie can’t wait to get to work with the board, impacting as many lives as possible and spreading awareness. Leslie currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two daughters and pups.

Chloe Crampton, Board Member

Chloe is a British actress turned celebrity private chef, nutritional coach, recipe developer and food influencer based in Los Angeles. She was born in London and raised in the idyllic English countryside. Starting out as an actress in TV and film from a young age and then making the switch to cooking 7 years ago. She began working for celebrities such as Simon Cowell. Along with catering small private events and dinner parties around Los Angeles. In 2021 at the age of 32 she was diagnosed with Stage 2 triple negative breast cancer and embarked upon a long journey of treatment. From a lumpectomy to chemotherapy and radiation. During that time Chloë made some important changes in her diet, cutting out processed foods and refined sugars, leading an anti-inflammatory diet throughout treatment and beyond. Doing extensive research of her own until she decided to become a nutritional coach herself and help guide others going through health events in their own lives.

Sophie Pierce, Board Member

Sophie Pierce is a breast cancer thriver and the founder and owner of Sophie Dance, Sophie Dance West, Level Up Dance Academy and Sophie Dancewear.  She is passionate about educating children and curating the ultimate dance experience for a child.  Sophie lives in Burbank, California with her husband, Neil, and her three daughters, Rory, Coraline and Blaise.  When not running their businesses or adventuring with their girls, Neil and Sophie can be found giving back to the Los Angeles community they serve through their involvement with Alliance of Moms, Alliance of Children's Right, Alexandria House, GLSEN and Chrysalis.

Melissa Rumbold, Board Member

Melissa Rumbold is an East Coast native who moved to Los Angeles during the pandemic. She is a mom of two and a retired attorney who is passionate about health and wellness. The Fondle Project’s mission is close to her heart as she lost her mother, Elyce, at the age of 59 after a long battle with lymphoma, breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Elyce was BRCA 1 positive and, although Melissa tested negative for the mutation, both of her sisters are BRCA 1 positive and have endured numerous prophylactic surgeries. Melissa has witnessed the importance of early detection and prevention and is honored to help The Fondle Project spread awareness to save lives.