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FON · DLE – verb – to caress lovingly


The Fondle Project is a movement focusing on the importance of knowing our bodies through regular self exams and body positivity. Breast cancer is about 30% (1 in 3) of all new cancers in women annually. The disease does not discriminate and is increasingly affecting women younger and younger. This campaign is rooted in embracing regular self touch/exams as early detection saves lives. We also hope to motivate women to be their own advocates, to get second (and third) opinions, and to listen to the powerful intuition they have about their own health. 

A breast cancer diagnosis and treatment can drastically affect a woman’s confidence and sense of self. We wanted to celebrate survivors living full and vibrant lives, and to share stories of beauty and hope. Breast cancer is a part of our story, but it is not who we are. 

Together, through education and conversation, we think we can shift the narrative around this disease and improve outcomes by becoming familiar with our bodies. We want you to become truly fond of who you are -  your beauty, your strength, your scars and all.