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For over 25-years, Gina Lamanna has been a personal stylist, turned entrepreneur, and mom to two amazing girls. Her mission and drive has always been for her strong female client base to embrace their best selves and celebrate their confidence no matter what their life stage. In 2016, Cina began her journey with Breast Cancer. Following a misdiagnosis at 41, Gina trusted her intuition and self, and advocated for her own health with self-exams and seeked out multiple opinions knowing that something still didn't feel right. Her trust in herself and knowing her body led her to discover she did indeed have Stage 1B Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. Over the next14-months, Gina embarked on a process that included several reconstruction surgeries and complications that left her feeling less confident, sexy and feminine.

Her process of regaining her confidence, sexiness and femininity as well as knowing her own body has led her to today and The Fondle Project. Just as Gina used fashion as a tool to celebrate the women she works with, she now looks to marry these worlds together to ensure that women become educated about early detection and women who are in various stages of Breast Cancer feel empowered.

To inspire them to embrace and celebrate their beautiful bodies no matter where they are in their journey.